Chimney Inspections

The most important part about our visit to your home is the inspection process.  There is a lot that can be wrong within a fireplace and chimney system.  Some issues may be minor, but some can be dangerous.  It's our job to make sure the homeowner is informed of all (if any) hazards before we leave.  The National Fire Protection Association recommends annual fireplace and chimney inspections.  How long has it been since your last inspection? 

Chimney Sweeps

Creosote is a natural biproduct of burning wood.  It builds up within the chimney system and should be removed on a regular basis (it's recommended once annually).

Creosote is acidic, extremely flammable and can cause flue system deterioration and chimney fires.  In some cases, chimney fires cause house fires.  Annual chimney sweeps reduce the risk of a chimney fire and is an essential part of maintaining the health of your fireplace and chimney.  A clean chimney is a happy chimney.

This includes gas logs!  Gas logs need to be serviced on a regular basis.

Regular scheduled maintenance will prolong the lifespan of your gas logs.  

So whether it's a vented set or a vent free set, call us to schedule your  next gas log servicing.

Fireplace and Chimney Repairs

- Masonry firebox repairs

- Exterior masonry chimney repairs

- Prefab fireplace repairs and replacement

- Manufactured chimney system replacement

- Chimney chase repairs and rebuilds

- Chimney flashing repair and replacement

- Chimney cricket repair and replacement

- Wood stove repairs

- Wood and gas insert repairs

- Gas log repairs

- Much more...

Sales and Installations

We are your local source for all the top name brand wood burning stoves and inserts, gas stoves and inserts, gas logs, wood burning and vent free prefab fireplaces, and all fireplace products!

- Regency

- RH Peterson

- Jotul

- Vermont Castings

- Hearthstone

- Superior

- Empire

- Many, many more...

We also offer installation of everything we sell!

We FIX leaky chimneys!

Brick, stone, vinyl siding, or Hardie siding... If it leaks, we fix it!

Ten year reapplication warranties offered on qualifying repairs.

Free waterproofing estimates!

Dryer Vent Servicing

Are your clothes taking too long to dry?

Is there always lint piling up at the termination cap?

It's probably time to sweep your dryer vent.  

Did you know a clogged dryer vent can damage the heating element in your dryer causing a costly repair?  A clogged dryer vent is also a fire hazard.

Call us today to schedule your next dryer vent servicing!